Jason Zakaras

For more than 10 years, Jason Zakaras’ passion for creating a work environment that feels less like work and more like family has created a culture of mutual trust and respect.

The company has realized exceptional growth and ensured that all employees have a clear growth path to becoming leaders in their communities.

Jason’s vision for growth has catapulted the company from $1.3 million to over $30 million in annual sales.

Since 2008, Zak Family Foods has multiplied nearly 15 times in size, growing from 2 restaurants in Iowa to 31 restaurants in 4 states, now with approximately 600 employees operating 4 restaurant concepts (KFC® / KFC & Taco Bell 2-in-1 / KFC & LJS 2-in-1 / Taco Bell®).

Jason serves on the AKFCF® Upper Midwest Board of Directors and has been a regional voice as a world class operator for KFC® as well as Taco Bell®.


Jason Zakaras and his wife Jayci are proud parents of their two daughters Lily and Emma and twin sons Ford and Duke. The Zakaras’ have take the roots of their family company started by parents Jerry and Debbie Zakaras and given it wings to soar to unparalleled levels with the simple mindset of family.


What makes Jason unique and special is that to his core is that he loves his brand and coaches people side by side with a passion to really make them great, which ultimately makes our brand great. Jason has the ability to recognize everyone in his system. From his cooks and managers, to his market leaders, he recognizes everybody, all of the time.