The Taco Bell and KFC “micro brand” known as ZAK Family Foods is successful for three important reasons: a concept of family, a passion for progress, and a dedication to social responsibility.

These three elements have evolved organically from the brand’s very beginnings. Business means more than just tools and systems, and is more than just pay and promotions. Success in business requires faith in other people and commitment to individual development; these traits have developed the company into what it is today.

A restaurant family culture  is easy to recognize but difficult to produce. Members of a family are driven to improve not only themselves, but also the entire group. They should learn from each other, and do what they can to help one another achieve their goals. This is the daily operation model of ZAK, and is firmly planted in every action.Each of the communities in which we serve is a home for our ZAK Family. Our family members reside in our towns.  Every day we strive to maintain a valuable position in the community.

The company feeds people in need through the YUM! Harvest Program, pays for child education, and supports creative growth of youth through local charities. ZAK has committed itself to ensuring success at the business level is paralleled by the success of our restaurant family and the growth of our communities.

Every individual that joins our family will have the opportunity to exercise leadership in their position. It is important that new hires are trained not only on routines and standards, but also on personal and character development; this is the recipe for the success of ZAK Family Foods.